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Voice Over IP Call Center

As a call center solution, VoIP PBX makes sure all of your calls are being properly routed, are being answered in the least hold time possible, and arenít being lost to voicemail.

With our solution, your callerís experience is completely customizable, starting with an uploadable auto attendant recording that directs their path through your phone tree. Once a caller has selected a PBX extension, your ACD system forwards calls to any number of phones using your choice of sophisticated call distribution.

It also lets you easily create call queues with pre-set hold time limits in order to prevent callers from being dropped into voicemail. Choose whether you want queue position announced to your callers and monitor the queue sizes of your hosted VoIP PBX live from the web.

Any voicemail messages, even hang-ups, are automatically delivered to any number of email addresses as an audio attachment. Messages can even be transcribed and delivered as text messages to a mobile phone.

Easy to Manage & Monitor
Call center efficiency hinges on administrative visibility. To make your call center run smoother, you need to know how calls are being handled and what is happening at any given time. Gulf-Sip call center solution features the WebLink Internet Control Panel Ė your gateway to the information you need.

Whether managing a single call center or several remote offices and telecommuters, WebLink allows you to generate real time call reports, view the current phone status of your call center employees, and record or monitor live calls for training purposes or dispute resolution.

Lower Your Phone Bills
Gulf Sip call center solutions use voice over IP technology to deliver your calls, allowing us to offer the lowest monthly rates for unlimited local and long distance calling.
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